Due to present situation caused by Covid-19, Spelling Bee Divisional round is postponed till 25th April. Please stay home, stay well by following safety rules and keep practising spellings. We'll update you in due time.

About Spelling Bee

Spelling Bee is primarily aimed at developing the leadership skills of school students. However, anyone and everyone needs to improve English and can be a part of this movement! Play our fun Spelling Bee game and get a feel of what the competition is all about. Keep an eye out for all the word games, puzzles and even TV episodes. Read about all the different participants all over the country and why they’re trying to be the Spelling Bee champion. Be a part of the social movement that builds new leaders for tomorrow!


Spell Champs is the main platform for the Spelling Bee competition that was introduced by Champs21.com in the year 2012. The app allows you to take part in the first round (Online round) of the spelling bee competition. Through the app, you will have to play the Spelling Bee game. The game has multiple levels. The game will continue until the end of the online round. After the game is over, the top scorers of the game will be selected for the divisional round of Spelling Bee.

Competition Format

The competition will consist of 3 rounds – Online round, Divisional round and TV round.  The description of all the rounds are given below:

Online Round

The Online Round will begin from 10th February 2020 and end on the 15th March. Students will have to register at Champs21.com. After registration, they will be given an ID and a password to play ‘Spell Champs’.

Divisional Round

With the top 3,000 spellers from the country, the Divisional Round will kick off. The Spelling Bee team will go to all divisions of Bangladesh and conduct screening sessions from which the best spellers of the country will be filtered out for the TV Round.

TV Round

Coming Soon.

Hall of Fame

Take a look at the Finalist and Champions from our previous seasons!

Sabir Hossain Sagor

Champion, Season 4

Wasique Hasan

Champion, Season 3

Sunjack Jesun

Champion, Season 2

Md. Adeebul Haque

Champion, Season 1

Parisa Islam

1st Runner Up, Season 4

Naiyareen Fareeza Mayeen

1st Runner Up, Season 3

Sakib Aleem

1st Runner Up, Season 2

Tansiha Tahreen

1st Runner Up, Season 1

Lamia Mahzabin

2nd Runner Up, Season 4

Saif Rahman

2nd Runner Up, Season 3

Arshiyan Alam Laaj

2nd Runner Up, Season 2

Fahmeed Khan

2nd Runner Up, Season 1

Spellato 2020 is a mobile app that can be downloaded from the Google Play Store or directly from our website. The app contains a compilation of words that you might encounter in the three rounds of Spelling Bee 2020. It also contain words that were previously given to the spellers in the past seasons. You will be able to know the pronunciation of the words, their parts of speech and meaning. You will also be able to mark the words that you find difficult to view them later. This app will help you prepare for the Spelling Battle ahead.


A glimpse into the world of Spellers!

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